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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Janitor Services in Frederick, MD

Serving Frederick MD, and surrounding areas

Enhance the functionality and appeal of any business environment when you choose a proven partner for commercial janitorial services in Frederick, MD. When you have an important client coming to visit your establishment, you cannot afford to have them see your workspace in disarray. You must always project the best look possible. The team at Tops Cleaning is ready to take on any challenge.

We run a business ourselves, so we understand the need to minimize downtime at any company. Our group is ready to move for any project, at any time of day. That level of scheduling versatility makes a big difference when you need a sporting venue turned around overnight.

Improve the level of morale in your organization when you partner with an office cleaning group that values your business. When employees have the opportunity to work in a spotless environment, there is no limit to the amount of success you can realize as a business owner.

Comprehensive Janitor Service

Maximize the impact of your maintenance budget when you choose a cleaning team that won’t cut corners. We focus on the details that discerning clients are quick to notice. You should never be caught by surprise when you are managing a team of employees that are working towards a goal. Our clients appreciate having a full suite of services at their disposal, including:

Tackling the Major Products

Typically, we take on large projects, so we calculate our rates on a project-by-project basis. We are more than happy to provide our clients with an accurate estimate regarding any of our services, which include:

• Maintenance
Floor Cleaning
• Office Cleaning
• Window Cleaning
• Restroom Cleaning
• Front & Back-End Restaurant Cleaning
• Interior & Exterior Pressure Washing
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