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Cleaning Service in Frederick, MD

Providing Commercial Cleaning Services to Businesses in Frederick MD, and Surrounding Towns.

Do you need your business cleaned on a regular basis? Count on our janitorial company for commercial cleaning services in the Frederick, MD areas today. Working with all commercial businesses from amusement parks to zinc factories, Tops Cleaning company in Frederick, MD has been a family-owned-and-operated Office and Commercial cleaning business for 42 years. We always offer optimal customer service, and with our experience we have we know how best to clean your office, workplace, or special event site. Contact us at 888.238.6860 about our excellent carpet cleaning service, too.

Commercial Cleaning Service in Frederick MD | Tops Cleaning Company | Office 
Commercial Cleaning Service in Frederick MD | Tops Cleaning Company | Lobby 
Commercial Cleaning Service in Frederick MD | Tops Cleaning Company | Cubicles 

Weekly Cleaning

Some offices just need a little more love and special cleaning than others. For difficult cleaning jobs or sites that need regular cleaning, we offer commercial cleaning services on a weekly basis. Let us come in and clean your building 5 days a week, if necessary. If you have a special request for us to only come certain days during the week, we are happy to oblige you in that. All of our cleaning services can be customized to your needs, wants, and budget.

Monthly Cleaning

Our janitorial services are also available on a monthly basis. Whether you want us to come out to you 2 weeks out of the month, every day of the month, or only particular days out of the month, our commercial cleaning staff is ready to help you.

Single Cleaning or Custom Schedule

Sometimes, once is enough. When you only need a little cleaning help or don't have a schedule in mind, we also offer one-time cleaning service for your carpet, surfaces, windows, and anything else at your office. Let us schedule a date and time to come out and clean your building for a one-time fee, rather than a regular bill. Call us today at 888.238.6860 for more information on booking your appointment for your building clean-up.



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